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As an FH Insurance client, you have the peace of mind of knowing that we’ve done everything we can to make your benefits experience simple: from rate negotiation to claims support and everything in between.

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A Word from Our Clients ...

We have worked with the insurance brokerage folks at FH for 8 years. They help us to stay on top of the issues relevant to health insurance as well as other employee benefits. In fact, we use FH to handle most of our employee benefits. We are extremely happy with FH and the services they have provided. They partner with us regarding the critical issues related to cost and coverage and carrier relations and employee usage/communication. They help us deal with individual insurance claims as well. What we appreciate most about FH are the relationships we have with their team. Carol and Ronnie and Gary are so supportive and responsive. These are good, good people who make a difference with our overall employee benefits package. I can’t say enough good things about FH.

FH Insurance

Carl B.

The brokers at FH Insurance have given me and my employees exceptional service for the past 5 years. As a business owner I want to provide the best benefits possible to my employees and FH delivers every year! Working with them is effortless and they are always responsive and helpful. They have consistently saved my company money each year.

I give them my highest recommendation!

FH Insurance

Doug P.

FH Insurance is such an exceptional broker. They are always on call and always willing to go above and beyond to take care of people when situations arise. They truly take ownership, ensuring things go well from start to finish, and engaging fully in solutions whenever a situation arises, even when it is completely out of their control. We love working with them.
FH Insurance

Jessica H.

As a company, we love FH Insurance. They are great to work with because they make things very easy on our end, help us obtain amazing coverage, and they are always available to quickly assist with any matter. Ronnie is super friendly and helpful - any company is lucky to have her on their side!
FH Insurance

Danielle O.

If you want an insurance broker who really gets to know your business and advocate for you go with FH insurance. MANY years of experience in the industry and well connected with carriers. You really can't go wrong with Ronnie, Ginnie and their team!
FH Insurance

Naomi H.

My health care coverage changed every year for five years. Kim Williams helped me navigate through all my options each year so I could make the best decision for me. I highly recommend this company for professional, competent, and friendly service!
FH Insurance

Diane B.

I cannot thank the FH team enough for everything they do to make our lives easier! They truly are a great team of professionals who are passionate about what they do. Not only do they constantly seek out ways to save our business money but they also help us adapt new practices in order to save us time! On top of all that, they are a lovely group of individuals who sincerely care about their clients and make them feel like family! The FH team has exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them to any business needing help in the benefits department. I promise that you will not regret the decision!
FH Insurance

Lindsey C.

Insurance is one of those things that can be awful to get and especially horrendous to deal with. Having bought insurance for my staff for 27 years I can honestly say FH Insurance is great to work with. They have saved us tens of thousands of dollars in insurance costs yet provided our staff with the best medical plan we have had in 27 years. I highly recommend their service and especially appreciate their commitment to us the client.
FH Insurance

Rodney S.

FH Insurance is outstanding! Everybody knows working with insurance brokers is like pulling teeth out of an alligator (a live one!) My employer annually has us sign up for benefits which I did. Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention like I should and signed up on the wrong policy. The way I figured this out is I renewed a prescription that normally my co pay is 52.00 I was taken back when the pharmacist told me 958.41 and that I had a 5,000.00 deductible that had to be met before the insurance would be applied. I’m a diabetic with high blood pressure and many other medical issues I would have went to the poor house trying to pay the 5,000.00 deductible. I contacted Kim Lasley (one of FH Insurance Ninja’s) she contacted Ronnie Meyers (THE MIKE TYSON!) and literally within 48 hours this situation was fixed. You need to know this was ugly; there was a chance the mistake I made I would have had to live with—remember, I made the mistake, not FH Insurance. They rolled their sleeves up and championed my cause. In closing, you need to know I don't do reviews and I am old school. I just don't repeat business with companies that don't walk the walk! However, even if I had to bite the bullet and pay until the deductible was met, just the fact it was taken seriously and handled right away, shows me that they really care! The team at FH Insurance are the type of people I want to do business with, Thanks again to all at FH Insurance, YOU’RE THE BEST!
FH Insurance

Bob V.

How can we help you?

We’ll assign you with a dedicated member of our Benefits Success Team to help you manage all of your benefits needs from enrollments and terminations, to open enrollment, carrier negotiations and compliance​

We offer free online services that includes employee adds and terms, plan descriptions, workflow creation, on-boarding for new hires, and HR content management. What’s better? It can integrate with online payroll solutions, COBRA management and much more.

We’ll work with your employees to make sure that they’re billed the correct amounts for their claims and that they’re reimbursed appropriately.

Open Enrollment is a stressful time of year. We’ll help you manage the details with online enrollment, OE presentation support, customized benefit guides for your team and much more!​

Our Process


Before you even become a client, we can collect information about your benefits to help us create a real plan of action when you become an FH Insurance member. This process includes filling out a form about what is working and what can be improved with your current benefits offerings, benefits compliance, and team satisfaction.


Before you even become a client, we can collect information about your benefits to help us create a real plan of action when you become an FH Insurance member. This process includes filling out a form about what is working and what can be improved with your current benefits offerings, benefits compliance, and team satisfaction.


After you decide to become an FH Insurance client, we will assist in submitting the appropriate forms to your insurance carriers to work on your behalf. Then, we can get started. We’ll schedule an initial benefits meeting and support you in creating a plan of action in response to our analysis for potential improvements.


We review every carrier, every vendor, and every product so you know your employees are getting the right benefits. We can help you implement integrated software that will minimize benefits inconveniences. This includes a free online enrollment tool; payroll software; compliance support services, including COBRA and Flexible Spending accounts; and much more. We’ll negotiate rates at renewal, attend enrollment presentations, and be on call to answer any plan-related questions that may arise.

FH Insurance


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