Primary Care Enhancement Act

The FH Insurance compliance experts can help you navigate the  Primary Care Enhancement Act is a piece of legislation that was introduced to increase access to primary care services, improve the quality of care, and lower health care costs. The act established a number of programs aimed at strengthening the primary care workforce and enhancing the delivery of primary care services.

For an HR administrator, the act includes provisions for funding for primary care residency programs and loan repayment programs for primary care providers, as well as programs aimed at increasing the diversity of the primary care workforce. The act also includes provisions for improving the coordination of care between primary care providers and specialists, and for strengthening the connection between primary care and public health programs.


Primary Care Enhancement Act Deadlines

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Funding for primary care residency programs is authorized through Fiscal 2026 Loan repayment programs for primary care providers have no specific deadline and continue until funds are exhausted Provisions for increasing the diversity of the primary care workforce are ongoing.

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