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Your benefits We know that benefits and Human Resources is complicated. Let us be your guide in your benefits needs. 

When you’re an FH Insurance client, you have access to our support services that keep your goals in mind. 

5500 Reporting

We provide signature ready 5500 reporting at no cost to our clients. We collect and track the information required to get the reporting completed, so all our clients have to do is review and sign.

Wrap Documents

We provide signature ready wrap documents to keep you in compliance (including 5500 reporting) for potential ERISA audits. We collect, verify and produce the document so your staff can check compliance off their to do list.

ACA Compliance

We help our employers maintain compliance through assistance with 1095’s ( production assistance and payment for production), assistance with PCORI fee filing, and compliance updates.

Renewal Negotiations

We have a strong history of providing successful renewals to clients through negotiations. We uniquely have access to carriers underwriting factors through our proprietary underwriting technology, Cure Underwriting. We run renewals through our this tool to determine fair prices based on claims and demographic factors. It easily allows us to benchmark against carrier renewals to ensure we don’t miss potential savings for our clients

FLEX, HRA, HSA Administration

FH Insurance provides Flex, HSA and HRA administration at no cost to our employers. We partner with integrated vendors to ensure compliance including non discrimination testing.  Our online enrollment system, Employee Navigator, integrates directly with various Flex, HSA and HRA vendors making dual entries a thing of the past.

COBRA Administration

FH Insurance provides COBRA administration at no cost to our employers. We partner with various vendors and integrated partners to ensure compliant COBRA administration.  Our online enrollment system, Employee Navigator, integrates directly with various COBRA vendors to minimize the inconvenience of sending COBRA paperwork and dual entry.

Wellness Events

Your benefits success team is well versed in different wellness plan options and will do a formal wellness plan RFP to determine the best options for your group. We are dedicated to helping employees to healthy in unique ways. We have created onsite/ near site clinics, managed numerous health fairs, and created fun and meaningful events including benefits hikes, bike rides and community service.  We have also scheduled seminars to help with financial wellness and stress management.  We have experience working with carriers to find low cost solutions that help employers with productivity, absenteeism, and workplace culture.

On Site/ Near Site Direct Care

We have created near site direct primary care practices for clients in the Boulder area ( though we are able to expand to any location) through our direct primary care practice, Foundation Health. With direct primary care, employees face no barriers to getting the care they need through flexible scheduling, longer provider face time with an average visit of one hour and no copays, coinsurance or deductibles at the direct primary care practice. With out barriers, employees are able to treat issues early, turning potentially large and life threatening claims  that spiraled out of control because of inadequate access to simple procedures, quick surgeries or lifestyle changes that have lifelong impact.

Actuarial Analysis

Our proprietary underwriting tool provides insights unmatched in the industry. Our tool reviews clients’  demographics, regional cost of care by insurance carrier, and claims. Our parity tool analyses the premium and the relative value of the plans being offered to ensure that a decrease in plan design is met with the appropriate decrease in cost  With this tool, we are able to show the best value overall, which is not necessarily the cheapest. Beyond renewal actuarial services, we can provide access to INBR reporting for self-funded client at no cost as requested.

Carrier Billing Audits

After each open enrollment, we provide a complete audit of every bill to ensure open enrollment changes were processed correctly. We are also willing to do an audit on request at anytime for clients. For some clients, we have also partnered with services that complete this on a monthly basis to ensure continued accuracy. 

Claims Analysis

We will look at your claims and make targeted plan design recommendations based on utilization. For example, last year, with one client, we found 42% of ER over-utilization. By moving this to a higher copay and educating employees on alternatives like telemedicine and urgent care, we were able to bring the excess utilization down.

Custom Reporting Package

We provide custom reporting for self-funded clients so you can understand claims risk and make informed decisions prior to renewal.  We will identify high cost claims and create expected renewals based on the reporting and claims.

Webinars & Presentations

We also offer lunch-and-learns for our clients to better understand pertinent topics in benefits including Medicare, Medicaid, balance billing among others. If you have a wellness fair, we can help you manage and coordinate it so that you can educate your staff on the best ways to be proactive in their health. We are also available for webinars to help employees understand their benefits.

Enrollment Materials

We design and print custom benefit guides to help your employees navigate your offerings. We create powerpoint presentations as needed. We coordinate with carriers for additional printed resources. We update and maintain our online portal for your preferences. We do all of this at no additional cost. See example guides from past years.

Free HR Technology

FH Insurance provides our online system at no cost to employers.  We try to make it as simple as possible by adding in the plans and managing the process for the group. We also manage the addition, deletion and updates of employees throughout the year.

Claims Negotiations and Employee Support

We provide contact information for our team at Open Enrollment, at wellness events and on our online system to encourage employees to contact our staff about claims issues, benefit confusion and general questions. We have been very successful at negotiating claims with both providers and insurers. Recently, we assisted an employee with a $90,000 bill that an insurer was refusing to cover because the hospital was out of network and got it paid. We are on call daily for your employees’ needs and we encourage them to contact us directly if they have questions about plan designs, claims, wellness initiatives and service offerings.

Open Enrollment Support

At FH Insurance, we believe in making the Open Enrollment (OE) process fun. We want to encourage your staff to enroll and engage in their health. Whether it’s handing out goodies at your Open Enrollment meeting(s), creating contests to incentivize employee engagement or designing a wellness program to encourage healthy living throughout the year, we think the meeting itself is the perfect time for you communicate the value of your benefits and to get the goodwill you deserve for the money that you spend on benefits.


We’re here to help.

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