Wellness Services

  • Wellness Events & Wellness Fairs

    Your benefits success team is well versed in different wellness plan options and will do a formal wellness plan RFP to determine the best options for your group. We are dedicated to helping employees to healthy in unique ways. We have created onsite/ near site clinics, managed numerous health fairs, and created fun and meaningful events including benefits hikes, bike rides and community service. We have also scheduled seminars to help with financial wellness and stress management. We have experience working with carriers to find low cost solutions that help employers with productivity, absenteeism, and workplace culture.

  • On Site/ Near Site Direct Primary Care

    We have created near site direct primary care practices for clients in the Boulder area ( though we are able to expand to any location) through our direct primary care practice, Foundation Health. With direct primary care, employees face no barriers to getting the care they need through flexible scheduling, longer provider face time with an average visit of one hour and no copays, coinsurance or deductibles at the direct primary care practice. With out barriers, employees are able to treat issues early, turning potentially large and life threatening claims that spiraled out of control because of inadequate access to simple procedures, quick surgeries or lifestyle changes that have lifelong impact.