Free HR Technology

As an FH Insurance client, you will have access to a benefits administration at no cost. Our team will help make Open Enrollment as simple as possible by updating your offered plans and by supporting you in managing the enrollment process for your group. We also support you with staff that can manage the addition, termination and updates of employees enrollments throughout the year.

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FLEX, HRA, HSA Administration

FH Insurance provides Flex, HSA and HRA administration at no cost to our employers. We partner with integrated vendors to ensure compliance including non discrimination testing.  Our online enrollment system, Employee Navigator, integrates directly with […]

Renewal Negotiations

We have a strong history of providing successful renewals to clients through negotiations. We uniquely have access to carriers underwriting factors through our proprietary underwriting technology, Cure Underwriting. We run renewals through our this tool […]

5500 Reporting Compliance

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