On Call Employee Support for Benefits Questions & Claims Negotiations

At Open Enrollment, our team will give your employees their contact information to be the first line of defense in dealing with insurance carriers. Our presence at open enrollment, at wellness events and in our online system encourages employees to contact our staff about claims issues, benefit confusion and general questions.

Our Benefits Success Experts have been very successful at negotiating claims with both providers and insurers, with countless examples of mis-billed claims that have been resolved. We are on call daily for your employees’ needs and we encourage them to contact us directly if they have questions about plan designs, claims, wellness initiatives and service offerings.

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COBRA Administration

FH Insurance provides COBRA administration at no cost to our employers. We partner with various vendors and integrated partners to ensure compliant COBRA administration.  Our online enrollment system, Employee Navigator, integrates directly with various COBRA […]

Open Enrollment Meeting Preparation

We believe in making the Open Enrollment (OE) process fun. We want to encourage your staff to enroll and engage in their health. So, whether it’s handing out goodies at your Open Enrollment meeting(s), creating and implementing contests to incentivize employee engagement or designing a wellness program to encourage healthy living throughout the year, we think the meeting itself is the perfect time for you communicate the value of your benefits and to get the goodwill you deserve for the money that you spend on benefits.

5500 Reporting Compliance

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